Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fake News Report Criminal Lies on Fake Hospital, Fake NGO: Syria

A new onslaught of anti-Syria fake news reporting criminal lies on fake hospitals and from fake NGO has erupted from NATO-approved msm, and includes another round of anti-Syria emotional war porn.  The propaganda triad may be an Operation Lazurus, as Amnesty‘s similar attempt earlier this month was crushed by  a battalion of genuinely independent journalists, and social media activists.

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Foreign Terror Sponsor McCain Illegally in Syria, Again

Foreign terror sponsor Senator John McCain is spreading his malignant seed, once again.  Within a short week, McQaeda McCain spent time at the Munich Security Conference.   He then solidified the axis of terror – Saudi-Turkish-McCain – in visits to Saudistan’s inbred King Salman, and Erdoganstan’s Muslim Brotherhood caliph- wannabe, Erdogan.
While McCain and Salman were meeting, German Press Agency interviewed Saudi FM Adel ‘’Voce Bianca” al Jubeir. Voce Bianca said that Saudistan was ready for a ground invasion against Syria.  He did not mention that Saudi terrorists have been on the ground in Syria since the beginning of the crisis, and that, as of 3 January 2014, twelve thousand Saudis had invaded the SAR.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Families Returning to their Homes in Aleppo Eastern District

Phoenix might be mythical, but not in Aleppo city north of Syria where one can witness its rise from the ashes before their own eyes. Syria has always rose again more stronger and more beautiful.

Residents of Eastern districts of Aleppo returning to their destroyed homes with high morale and determination to rebuild all what the Western, Turkish and Gulfies stooges has paid billions of their people’s money to destroy.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Syria Rebuilding: Private Sector Resumes Car Production, Defying US Sanctions & Turning East

On 18 February, an exciting commerce meeting was held a the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus, to again report on Syria rebuilding.
The Khallouf Trading Company announced the reopening of its manufacturing plant in Hama, in partnership with the Chinese Dongfeng Motor Company, and the launching of two new vehicles, a sedan and an SUV.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Terrorist Use Chemical Weapons in Syria, UN Will Investigate

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has welcomed the Secretary General's decision to conduct a United Nations investigation into the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria.

And she says her office stands ready to join the investigation, if requested to do so.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon announced his decision to launch an investigation into possible use of chemical weapons in Syria on Thursday (21 March).

Speaking to journalists in Geneva, Spokesman Rupert Colville says if chemical weapons do indeed turn out to have been used, this can only be described as an abominable and depraved act.

He said, "we hope these reports turn out to be incorrect, because if they are true this terrible conflict will have plunged to new depths. The use of chemical weapons would most likely be either a crime against humanity or a war crime. The High Commissioner echoes the Secretary- General's call that if such a crime has been committed these responsible must be held accountable."

He went on to say that the High Commissioner reiterates her call to all parties to the conflict to immediately halt attacks against civilians, and to go beyond that — to actually provide for their protection.

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