Thursday, January 3, 2013

Syria: Thierry Meyssan: US Administration Decides to Abandon 'Free Army'

Jan 03, 2013

Paris, (SANA)_The French intellectual, Thierry Meyssan said the US administration has decided to abandon the armed terrorist groups in Syria who call themselves ''The Free Army'' as the US is set to start negotiations with Russia for solving the crisis there according to Geneva statement.
In an article published on Voltaire Network, Meyssan said that the US administration has clearly decided to turn the page on the so-called 'Free Army', reminding that the US National Intelligence Council in Washington has sarcastically announced that the ''global Jihad will soon disappear.''
Meyssan saw that the war on Syria has ended on the strategic level and the 'Free Army' has no chance to achieve their goals despite the Europeans' unceasing incitement against the Syrian leadership, indicating that the flow of funds and weapons to the gunmen has dried up and a lot of international support has stopped.
He said that the US administration will embark on a peace plan on Syria as soon as it gets ratified at the Senate.
Meyssan said that Obama has displayed no reaction when some of his aides blocked the implementation of Geneva statement in the middle of the electoral campaign, but embarked on a clean-up process after he was reelected that swept away the architect of the war against Syria, David Petraeus.
Meyssan concluded that the US allies have to inquire whether the new deal would not imply abandoning them as well.


  1. could it be-that Russia means get tough by sending their navy fleet into the Syria area?
    Seems--NATO is chickening out

    1. It's not Russia's position alone, it's the steadfastness of the Syrian Army and the coherency of the Syrian government that put everybody in their right place. USA thought it can do the same it did to Libya or Iraq in Syria and they even tested waters in direct intervention through Turkey, once they lost 2 airplanes, in another incident 47 Turkish officers were arrested by a Syrian unit in a complicated ambush, and just few days ago a Syrian army unit arrested 4 Turkish pilots accompanying a terrorist group trying to infiltrate a military airport in Aleppo countryside to fly planes and bomb some strategic targets including presidential palace in Damascus and claim it was done by 'defectors' under the FSA wing.

      Russia gained a role on the account of Syrian crisis.

  2. In addition to Russia, the world owes a debt of gratitude to Iran and Hezbollah for supporting Syria.

  3. The Free Syria Army has been thoroughly infiltrated by the Syrian government. The West doesn't even know who they are talking to anymore and they are now terrified of walking into some trap as evidenced by Turkey's foolhardiness and colossal humiliation from its ill-conceived forage into Syria.

  4. I hope Thierry is right. Nobody wants WWIII to start.


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